Precious Mulberry Leaf: Domlai Mon

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Precious Mulberry Leaf: Domlai Mon

The work of Emi & Eve supports various artisans whom we work with closely.

However, the work of Emi & Eve also supports the wider community in different ways.

During the war, the mulberry leaf kept the Cambodian people alive when there was no other food to be found. That is how the mulberry leaf has become a national symbol.

Emi & Eve created Domlai Mon (Precious Mulberry Leaf) to be able to care for the family needs of the people that we work with.

Our artisan Chenla Chan is also a pastor. Every week he invites the children in his neighbourhood to come for food and sing songs. Both of which they bring back home to their families as rays of light in situations where parents have difficulty providing for their children. Two years ago we raised funds for hamburgers for all of these 50 children. They still talk about it today.

Apart from our artisans, that also includes our staff. Our country coordinator, MeiMei, has a mother with HIV. She also takes care of two adopted children, a brother and sister called NichNich and Phai. This is our local family that we share a home with.

These are the needs that we are facing:

  • A new house and workshop built¬†for our artisan Chenla Chan, whose crumbling small house is used as a church, workshop and home.
  • Health care stipend for Thearith and NichNich, who both have HIV and have unpredictable health issues,¬†preventing them from being able to save money.
  • All our artisans need English classes for their kids.

You can donate to our charity Domlai Mon. Get in touch!

Cassandra Postema

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